a brief guide of how to tie a Necktie

Have you been wearing ties for years, but you're never sure if you're tying it right. Are you embarrassed due to your improperly tied tie? Do you need to look professional at work but don't know how to tie a tie properly?

We're here to help! We've mentioned ten different ways to tie an eye-catching tie. You'll be looking sharp in no time with our step-by-step guide.

How Do You Tie A Full Windsor Knot?


windsor knot is one of the most complex knots to tie

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It is one of the most complex knots to tie and extra formal, but once you get the hang of it, the knot becomes second nature to you. Put the tie around your neck so that the large end hangs down on the left side of your chest. Take the long end on the right side around your neck and over the left shoulder. Cross the long end on the left side over the other end. Take the long end on the left side over the right shoulder and the other end. Cross the long end on the right side over the other end and pull it through the loop around your neck. Make a simple place it on the left side. Give the long end another simple tug to tighten it.

How Do You Tie A Half Windsor Knot?

half windsor is the best tie knots when dressing up for a formal occasion

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Do you want to get the best tie knots when dressing up for a formal occasion? Here is what you need to do. If you are looking for the best formal tie knots to wear then follow these steps to enhance your look.  

Tie a knot on the right side of your body and lower than the other side. The wide end should be on your right side if you are right-handed and on your left side if you are left-handed. Cross the wide end over the narrow one. Bring the wide end across to your left side, crossing over the narrow end.

Fold the end of the string back under the loop. Then go around the other end of the line, and bring the end back to the right side. The underside of the string should now be visible. Take the wide end of the tie-up to your collar. You must keep it on the right side. Take the wide end down, pull the wide end down through the loop and out from the left side. Fold the wide end over the narrow one. Bring the wide end back across the front and leave it on your right side.

Put the wide end through the loop on the back of your neck. Then bring the wide end up through the loop again. Put the wide end through the front knot. Let the front knot hang loose and take the wide end through. Pull it through to rest over the narrow end. Pull-on the wide end of the tie to tighten it. Gently squeeze the knot at the front of the tie and pull the wide end to slide the knot up to make a dimple at the front of your tie.

How Do You Tie A Four-in-Hand Knot?

The four in hand knot happens to be one of the most popular tie knots

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The four in hand knot happens to be one of the most popular tie knots. There are many tie knots in practice but the simplest and most popular of all is four in hand knot. The Four in Hand knot is one of the most popular knots commonly tied today. It is because it is just so simple yet elegantly sophisticated. 

Begin by looping the wide end of your necktie across your narrow end on the left. Allowing the tie to hang approximately 12 inches lower than it usually would. Then, take a look at how it is oriented and bring the wide end back to its original position. While winding it underneath (not over)the narrow end around to where you started. Wrap the wide end around the narrow end. Both ends of the tie would be inside out. Pull the longer end from behind your head forwards through the circle you've already created in front of you. Give your finger a wrap with the knot and point your other fingers down towards the front of it.

Finally, remove your finger and tighten the knot carefully. Hold onto the knotted end, but keep your hand well away from the loose end you intend to thread through the buttonhole.

How Do You Tie A Trinity Knot?

rinity knot takes more time to create, but the finished result makes a powerful fashion statement

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Creating an elegant tie takes patience and practice. One such option to consider is the Trinity Knot. Just as its namesake implies, the Trinity knot takes more time to create, but the finished result makes a powerful fashion statement.

To tie the Trinity Knot, raise your formal shirt collar and place the tie around your neck. Ensure that the widest part of the tie is on your right with its lower edge slightly above your navel. With the right hand, make a small loop with the free end of the tie. Make a large loop around the small loop with your left hand, making sure that it protrudes on the left side. It might help to loosen the tie before you make the loop. 

With the right hand, make a large enough loop to pass over the left-hand loop and bring the right-hand loop over the left-hand circle. Pull the left-hand loop under the right-hand circle. Straighten the loops with the right hand, sliding the left-hand loop up to the right. Hold both loops of the Trinity Knot with the right hand at the place where they cross each other. With the left hand, pull apart both loops already held in the right hand. The loops of the Trinity Knot will pass under themselves and reach their original form.

How Do You Tie A Pratt Knot?

Pratt knot is unique and basic formal tie knot

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Now, have a look at this unique and basic formal Pratt knot. 

To tie a Pratt knot, start by raising the collar of mens shirts. Then draping the tie right side up with the wide end hanging approximately 12 inches below the thin end. Tie vertically from the bottom of your shirt collar, up over your natural waistline, and down the length of your pant leg.

Bring the loose end of your necktie up and loop it down through the opening in the tied part of the necktie and cinch it together. Cross the wide end over to the right with the correct side facing upward. Now bring the long end down through it and then pass it through the short opening at the back. Slide the knot at the back of the shirt and adjust it with care. Let the collar hang lower to complete the process.

How Do You Tie A Kelvin Knot?

Kelvin Knot is an uncommon and sophisticated for those in the sailing community

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Not only is the Kelvin Knot uncommon and sophisticated for those in the sailing community. But it's also a knot that is easy to learn and can be created in no time. Here are a few different steps on how to tie a Kelvin Knot.

Tie your tie so that the seam of the thick end is on your left. Hang the thick end two to three inches lower than where you want to complete the tie and then loop it up and around, slipping it behind its entire length. Cross the thick part underneath the thin leather cord, then take the thick one in front of your chin. Bring it over in an X and place it behind your neck. Wrap around the thin end and go under from left to right overtop your initial X (coming through underneath).

Take your big cord across in front of you horizontally from right to left. Then, take a finger under this horizontal band next to your face and bring that cord around the back of your collar. Now put your thick piece under this loop to end up lying underneath that part!

Bring the thick end of your tie through the horizontal loop, and then move it around until you have it pass neatly through the vertical part. Then snug down your knot securely to bring the two pieces together. Tighten your tie by grasping the narrow end in one hand and pulling on the knot with the other. 

How Do You Tie An Eldredge Knot?

Eldredge tie knot is excellent for mature men

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This tie knot is excellent for mature men, who like mens suits to be clean and basic. However, this knot is not recommended for the man who prefers his clothing to have a modern look!

To begin the Eldredge knot, bring your tie together. The wide end goes in front of the skinny end and lies below your navel on the right side. Twist the end of the thicker section of the tie to create a crease/dimple about an inch from one side. Then bring the thinner part over the top so that it ends up making a loop. Turn the skinny part of your tie to the underside and line it up with the seam on your shirt.

Start by bringing the thinner part of the tie through the neck loop on both sides, then bring it down through the knot to the right. Next, take it around to the front, going left, and start making a four-in-hand knot by carrying it between your index finger and middle finger while you cross over the thicker part of your tie from left to right.

Take the top of your tie around behind the back of your neck. Bring it around from in front and down to the show again, slightly above where you started (imagine drawing a circle). Tie the length of the tie to the right across the front of the loop you formed in the last step. Pass it through the loop and pull tight. Bring up the end through the loop on the left of your knot, over the top of it, and weave it under the loop on your right. Again bring the end through that right loop, over itself to pass under its left loop. Keeping the knot loose, bring the short trail up to the right and through the created loop. Pull to tighten. Tuck the end behind the neckline. Lower shirt collar for a bright and finished look.

What Are The Types of Necktie Accessories?

Are you looking for some alternative styles to pair with your favourite ties? Everyone can upgrade their wardrobe with taking advantage of tie accessories. Tie accessories come in an assortment of designs. Let's have a look at some of them. 


Tie bar slides across the knot in your necktie to tighten

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Tie bar: slide across the knot in your necktie to tighten. 



Tie clip attaches to the front of the tie, letting you securely fasten the tie at your neck

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Tie clip: attaches to the front of the tie, letting you securely fasten the tie at your neck. 


Tie pins: Tie pins come in various shapes and sizes and can be worn with any tie. They attach the tie to the collar and help to keep it in place. Make sure your shirt is a pin collar shirt like Jack Martin's Peaky Blinders shirts.

How To Choose The Right Knot For The Job?

While it may seem simple according to many, make sure you are always choosing the right knot for a job. Because it  reflects your personal sense of style so you look professional and put together at all times. You should wear a tie knot that matches the business you are in. When it comes to choosing a tie, you're probably going to be faced with a lot of choices. The variety might seem a little intimidating at first, but it will be easier to choose one if you know what you're looking for. 

Different jobs require different outfits and that goes for ties as well. For example, if you're in an office, you'll likely get more points for wearing a tie and suit jacket. However, a more casual setting will allow you to get away with wearing a tie with your button-down shirt. The main thing to remember is to carefully choose what you wear to represent your values, fashion preferences and even your office setting. 

How Long Should A Tie Be?

Your tie should hit at or just above your trouser waistband

Ties come in all lengths and they all should be worn in equal frequency. The only time you should favor one length of tie over another is if the garment you are wearing is especially designed to accommodate a particular tie length.

Your tie should hit at or just above your trouser waistband. The pointed edge should hang no further than a few inches below your shirt's top button so that the shirt stays well-covered. 


Nowadays, it is essential to know how to tie a tie. No man can look elegant without a tie, and no one should have to go through the embarrassment of asking someone to do it for them. In this article, we have given an insight on different ways to tie a knot. In addition to that, we have also guided you regarding tie lengths, necktie accessories, and choosing the right tie. 

We hope this article has helped you learn something new about how to tie a tie. Remember that with the right tie, you can be the best dressed man at any event.

April 22, 2022

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