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Shoes are the full stop in the sentence of a man's personality. The right choice of men's shoes helps a lot to cast a spell on others. Here is a short comprehensive guide to select proper suit shoes for various events and places. Plus, we will let you know which one is the best for you and how to clean them. So, without wasting any time, let's begin!

Finding the correct mens formal shoes that go with the dress is essential. How would it be if you wear sneakers with a tux? Of course, awful. Therefore, selecting the right pair is necessary, and wear what matches your suit. 

You might be confused between the several types out there. So, we have listed the leather shoes which will do justice to your suit are mentioned below. Select the one perfect for you.

Calf leather is the most common leather to make premium quality suit shoes for men. Its shoes will look great with tuxedos, three piece suits, or formal dresses. Patent leather shoes are made to shine. The glossy effect is very suitable for elegance. Although these are paired with school uniforms, you can select patent leather for simple dress pants or a not-so-formal 2 piece suit

Suede shoes are great for a casual environment. You are out with your friends or having a simple family get-together, these will be your choice. They will work with a simple t-shirt and jeans. But be careful as this material is not so resistant to stains and dirt.

There is no rocket science for this purpose. Select the size of the formal shoe that is comfortable for your feet. That's it. All you can do is stretch your toes, and it doesn't irritate you while walking.

There is a different pair for different occasions. You need to select where you are heading, then choose accordingly. For example, on your everyday office routine, select oxford shoes. In public places like bars or restaurants, go with Trainers or Loafers on your feet. Special events such as wedding ceremonies demand a class of monk strap shoes or chelsea boots. A casual sneaker is an easy choice for everyday routine.

Formal shoes handle the rough and tough environment. Their maintenance is also vital to ensure their quality. So that they can last longer, dry brush them daily to keep the stains and dirt away. Also, wash and rinse the laces properly.