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Wearing a pinstripe suit will step up your game and make you stand out as it has been a choice of finance bulls for years. You have probably seen this type of suit in the film "The Wolf of the Wall Street". The reason for that is it gives an elegant vibe and makes you look sophisticated. However, tides are now turning. The pinstripes are making their way into the glamour industry, and we want to make sure that you are not left behind.  

There is no set rule that you can wear it on just certain occasions. If you can pull this look off, then you do not have to worry about events. However, there are certain sceneries where this suit is most recommended.   

One of those occasions is when you have to meet with some client or give a job interview. This suit will help you look more professional, confident, and trustworthy. Apart from that, you can wear it to any formal event, dinner, wedding or even party. In addition, you can wear it for a normal day at office business also.  

To sustain your suit for long, you have to take good care of it. The pinstripe suits require more maintenance. If you handle it roughly or leave it at the mercy of laundry machines, then its stripes might start to come off or go out of shape. That is why always go dry clean and handle it like a fragile item.   

The type of fabric to use rally depends on the situation and, of course, whether condition. If you want to wear it in the summertime, then wool or cotton would be best. The most recommended fabric is the bold stripe and pencil stripe suit, as it will make you stand out from the crowd with its prominent design.

Since your suit has got all the stripes, it is more elegant to wear a formal shirt and classic plain tie with it. The all-weather plain white shirt will do the job here, and any colour of tie that would complement the suit. If you want something less mainstream, then you should go with a pin collar shirt. It will make you stand out and will give you an overall complete look.