We are already discreetly manufacturing garments for many high street brands as well as supplying our own branded products to many independent menswear stores in London. We are also interested to hear from potential wholesale customers from other UK cities and countries. If you think you have a suitable store for our products, then, fill in the wholesale application form and we will get back to you asap. Or, if you wish to manufacture your own branded products, here is your factory! In that case, please fill in "Manufacturing enquiry form" to contact us.


mens suits

Please apply for a wholesale account from below. Once your Jack Martin wholesale account has been approved you can purchase any of our products that are available on our site at wholesale pricing.

The minimum order is £1000. We offer generous 35% discount for our wholesale customers. In addition to 35% wholesale discount, you also enjoy our offers such as extra 25% off for two suits or multiples of two. Our offers are automatically applied at checkout in addition to your 35% wholesale discount.

For example, you order 20 suits at price of £70, totalling £1400. Firstly, our offer will be applied which is 25% off for two or multiples of two suits. Your total order will be £1225 which is over £1000 and you are now eligible for wholesale discount. Then, you will enter your unique wholesale discount code at checkout for 35% off. Your final price will be £796 with FREE UK delivery. It means that you will pay £39 per suit.

PLEASE NOTE that if you request a sample please place an order as usual. You can return it within 14 days.

PLEASE NOTE that if you think you are a big buyer and deserve more discount than 35%, please contact us so we can discuss.

PLEASE NOTE that if you're interested in our suiting FABRICS rather than our garments, please contact us and we can send you fabric samples for free. Alternatively, we can arrange an appointment for a meeting.


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mens blazersWe are already producing garments for many high street brands in our Istanbul factory. If you also want us to manufacture suits (or anything) for you, we are here to help! We can manufacture personalised suits for you, depending on your needs. You choose your cut, fabric and style. We do the rest. Your own branded woven labels, hangers and suitcases can be made too!

PLEASE NOTE that we can also produce fabrics for you!

PLEASE NOTE that fill in the manufacturing enquiry form and we will get back to you asap! We can also arrange a meeting to discuss details together.


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