Shoes say a lot about a person, and there is scientific evidence to that. Several studies show the first thing people notice in you is usually shoes. This is the reason why you should be as thoughtful towards your footwear as you are towards your clothes and other accessories.

If your date is near or an interview is lined up soon, don’t fret out and give this article a shot. You’re most likely to find answers to all your questions here.

Weddings and interviews are the two most important occasions in a men's life. It is essential for you to look classy while being at ease. There is no better option than mens monk strap shoes to achieve both at once. It will give you the needed confidence to nail it, 

Coming to the material, it is what decides the ultimate look you’re going to achieve. No matter if you plan to impress your boss to enjoy a vacation at your dream destination or propose to your girlfriend in front of hundreds of guests at your friend’s wedding, suede and calf leather monk strap shoes will do half of your job.

After all, you must leave your impression nicely to make sure things fall at the right place. Imagine a person wearing shorts over a dress shirt. What a weird thought! This is exactly why wearing perfect shoes is not enough. You need to style them with the correct outfit to avoid killing the buzz. 

A pair of suit trousers with a dress shirt will compliment your monk strap shoe on your upcoming dinner date/wedding. In contrast, the blend suit, ties, and a monk strap shoe will surely be a better choice to impress your boss with looks when delivering your path-breaking presentation.

If you’re worried about investing your money in buying expensive shoes because you’re a carefree person or you’re always in a hurry, we got you the solution. Double the quantity of suede and calf leather strap shoes in your closet. Yes, you read that right. It is because you won’t find as comfortable, and out-looking shoes as monk strap shoes. A dry brush is all that it needs to get back to its original look.