When it comes to dressy shoes for men, the oxford shoes are king. Oxfords can be worn for any kind of look, from smart casual to the most formal. As a result, they're an essential item for every man, no matter what his style is. This guide delves deeper into this timeless shoe guide and the ways in which it can be styled.

If you want to look sophisticated on your big day, then you need a pair of oxfords. They are the ideal choice for the groom and best man alike as they go well with formal outfits. If you want to dress classy at the office, or if you need to impress your clients, then these are a must-have for your shoe collection.

You can wear them if you have an important meeting, dinner, or any formal event. You should wear them at your workplace because they give you an air of grace. 

The materials of Oxfords vary according to the degree of formality and the outfit you want to style it with. They are made from calf leather, faux leather, genuine leather, suede, and canvas. Shoes made of suede leather are a great fashion choice for special occasions but can also be worn for work or in a casual setting. Calfskin is also a very attractive material used for mens oxford shoes. A lot of ethically aware shoemakers choose it due to its exemplary credentials. 

With the proper styling, Oxford shoes can look incredibly stylish with formal trousers. Your shoes and trousers should complement your look so pay attention to their colours. With a suit, oxford shoes are a failsafe option.

Its simple construction enhances the formal look and adds to the style of the outfit. They provide an elegant finish to suits. Choose a black patent leather oxford shoe for a sophisticated look. 

An ugly pair of scuffed-up dress shoes isn't as impressive. You can effectively clean dress shoes if you follow the instructions carefully. Though you need to spend some time, learn a few tricks, and make adjustments based on shoe material.

Remove surface dirt and debris with a dry brush. It is best to use the horsehair brush included in many shoe cleaning kits. Separate the laces and wash them in soap or detergent solution separately.