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Are you here after watching the period drama and want to look stylish with a Peaky Blinders suit ? Are you not sure how to carry the complete look? Well, you are at the right place. We will answer all your queries regarding this trendy look.

The best part of Peaky Blinders suits is that you get to choose the style and look. Shelby brothers have their own fashion sense, and modern British men should get inspiration from it.

Let’s not wait anymore and see how you can get that vintage look. 

Though the Peaky blinders suit showed the working middle class, it has become a new trend today. You can surely wear Peaky Blinders suits at Peaky blinder theme parties or Halloween, but they are a great option for weddings as well. It gives a stylish and sophisticated look to flatter just any event. 

Most of the Peaky Blinders suits are very easy to take care of. You can hand or machine wash them and also take them to the dry cleaner. Please pay attention to the fabric and wash it in normal water with shampoo or liquid soap. Dry cleaning is so far the best option for the long life of their suit.

Peaky blinders suits are mainly wool and tweed fabric. You can see Shelby wearing a complete tweed suit or a wool waistcoat on different occasions. You can not get that look without a vintage tweed suit that will give you a thick drape texture.

As they portrayed the middle class, with tweed and wool, it became easy to get those dark and light shades of grey, white, and blacks. 

To complete the Peaky blinders look, you should pay attention to the vintage penny collar shirts and ties also. Pair your suit with a penny collar shirt or grandad collar shirt.  You can choose a plain white or striped shirt as Shelby wore on many occasions. You can also add some colour and depth in your attire as suited. Don’t forget to put on a tie to complete the look. Knit ties and wool ties will serve the purpose of this look.