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Are you eager to rock that look in your dress shirt but have no clue how to do that? There are multiple ways to enhance your appearance, but looking perfect can be a difficult task to do. No need to stress out because we are here to give you some solid advice on how you can look dashing in that shirt.

We promise that when you follow our styling tips and tricks, your friends, family, or peers would never stop complimenting your look. To make your life easier, we also added some tips on the type of fabric to choose and how to clean your dress shirts. We know right, this article is pretty helpful, so keep scrolling! We know that you don’t want to become the elephant in the room by wearing something odd at the wrong time or place.

If you want to create an excellent first impression in front of your clients, you can dress up in a formal shirt. Oh wait, you have a wedding coming up, and you have no idea what to wear? Well, that’s when you take out that brand new dress shirt from your closet. Besides wedding and office meetings, you can wear formal and dress shirts on a black-tie event or any other formal occasion.

Cotton is a popular pick when it comes to the best fabric for a formal and dress shirt! We can tell why because this dress shirt material breathes well and is super soft, making the wearer feel comfortable. You obviously don’t want to wear something itchy for a long time. Overall, cotton is a durable material, and it provides the best quality that makes the dress shirt look expensive. Got your formal or dress shirt dirty? No problem! We suggest that you wash darker fabrics in your machine with cold water and use warm colours to wash light colours. Air dry your shirts to minimise shrinkage - and your dress shirt will look good as new!

Would you like to wear a tie with your dress or formal shirt but don’t know which one to wear? We recommend that you wear a dark bow tie with dress shirts to make you look more classy. If you are wearing a formal shirt, wear a tie to step up your styling game.