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Men's gilets are one of the most ignored dress accessories. Many look down at it because it's sleeveless and not very warm. It is considered useless, as it doesn't provide much insulation, nor is it breathable. However, this item is a perfect choice for fall, when the weather is not too hot or too cold. Gilets are the perfect choice to avoid cool nights or warm afternoons.  

You might be wondering, can I wear a gilet to the office or at home? Well, the answer is simple. If the weather demands extra layering. Gilets are the best body warmers without making you look too puffy.  In the harsh winters or snow, you can wear a gilet under your suit or sweater on the way to the office. They are go-to warmers at home while going on a track or enjoying a night out with friends.  

Though you may think it's not an essential clothing item, retailers are investing a lot. Gilets come in wool, nylon, quilted, slim fit, reversible, water resistant, or two-tone Whatever your preferences are, choose your gilet.  You have to evaluate your choices and what you are looking for. Whether you want an everyday gilet or a specific one. Do consider the weather for which you are going to make a purchase. Once you are clear in your mind, then buy it.  

A gilet can be washed in a machine, preferably in cold water and gentle washing. In the case of a padded gilet, For additional precaution, place the gilet in a mesh laundry bag before putting it in the machine. 

There is a wide misconception about gilets that you can wear them with limited dresses. You can style your gilet with a shirt, suit, cardigans, polo shirts, formal or casual wear. 

If you want to look casual, wear a quilted gilet over a hoodie and with joggers. For an office or smart look, prefer a slim-fit knitted gilet with neutral hues like navy, grey, or black. For a warm evening, pair them with chinos or denim. Wear a printed gilet with plain prints to avoid print clashes. If you find it hard to decide, choose a plain shirt and pair it with any gilet. So, get your gilet now and upgrade your wardrobe.