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Are you confused about selecting the fabric and accessories with your knitwear that's perfect for your style? We know the confusion of what to wear on different occasions, what are the different types of fabric, how to clean them and how to pair them with other clothes. Here we are to help you through the process.

If you're looking for casual knitwear for weekends, the best thing to do is to find a top or cardigan that is plain but with a fun and quirky twist. If you're looking for a weekend knit, you should consider one that is more relaxed.

The type of knitwear you wear on a daily basis should be both comfy and stylish. It's best to choose something neutral, like a classic turtleneck or sweater.

For the colour, go with something you're used to wearing every day. This will make it feel more natural and less like an outfit. Subtle patterns are a good idea, as they add interest without being overbearing.

Different types of fabric give you different feels. For example, cotton is soft, whereas wool has a more natural feel. If it's summer, lightweight clothes made of cotton are a good choice. It's best to wear a blend of different types of fabrics so that the clothes are breathable but not see-through.

Acrylic is a synthetic fabric, which means it's made of non-organic material and often requires some sort of chemical treatment.

You should always read the label before washing your knitwear. If it says that the product can be machine washed, then go for it! However, if it says that the clothes are dry clean only, then take them to a professional. One important thing to remember is that you should never put your knitwear in the dryer, as this may shrink it. If you washed your clothes by hand, make sure to lay them flat on a towel to dry. Never hang them to dry, as this may stretch out the fabric and ruin your clothes.

If you want to wear your knitwear with jeans, try wearing a dressier shirt or sweater. When pairing mens knitwear with chinos, go for a dressier look. Think sweaters and blazers or turtlenecks and dress pants.