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In a baffling season like autumn to winter, adding layers to your clothing can do wonders. If you’re not sure how to do that, don’t worry! In a few seconds, you’re going to learn all the necessary details to nail it with your look.

In case you don’t know, an overshirt is a jacket shirt that comes in various fabrics and colours. Some offer buttons, while some are styled with zips and pockets. It is one of the few clothing styles that suits all men irrespective of body type. Hence consider it a must-have when the season is about to become shady.

Mens overshirts are more like an accessory than primary clothing, which makes them versatile. Be it a date night at a bar, a day out with your hunks at weekends, or a casual day at work, an overshirt is your way to go. With the correct choice of innerwear, shoes, pants, and colour combination, you can enjoy layered clothing on every occasion with an overall shirt.

There are various fabrics available in shackets, including cotton and wool, to suit every occasion. Cotton has the edge over wool for overshirts because it is a four-season fabric that supports clothing during summers and winters. The breathable fabric can keep you warm without making you sweaty.

Comparatively, wool is recommended only for the cold season. It is good enough to keep you warm, but you may feel sweaty in indoor settings.

It’s all about versatility. You can create a sleek and casual look with an overshirt for a day out by pairing it with jeans, joggers, or sneakers with a T-shirt. To impress your date with a formal yet trendy look, a fusion of an overshirt with a jumper or polo shirt, laced shoes, and a tailored fit pant is a smart option.

Most overshirts are worn loose to make room for a suitable inner. Typically you should go for a standard size overshirt or +1 for an oversize look. When choosing an overshirt, make sure it lies flat on the chest. For sleeves, it should end at the end of your wrist so you can wear it independently or with a jumper when needed.

When it is about cleaning your favourite overshirt, avoid agitating, hard soaping, or too much heat to maintain the look of the fabric. It is especially applicable for a wool overshirt. Machine washing with gentle cleansing is enough to wash away the dirt.