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Waistcoats are the elegant article in a man's dressing. It enhances your overall attire by providing you with a handsome look. If you are unaware of the essential styling tips and desire to get that picture-perfect look, here we are to save your style. We advise you to take a sigh of relief as we will give you the simplest yet effective guide about wearing and buying mens waistcoats. So that next time when you go shopping, you don’t end up being puzzled and return empty-handed.

For every event, there is a wide variety of waistcoats for men. You can wear formal waistcoats with a suit to achieve a complete lavish look for the wedding or some farewell party. Similarly, wearing waistcoats as a casual office look provides you with that formal elegance. For partying with friends, grab some of the finest textured waistcoats and pair them with denim jeans. Wearing waistcoats at business meetings allows you to have a classy and sensual look together.

As far as washing your waistcoat is concerned, you can look for dry cleaning services. We would strongly suggest not to machine-wash your waistcoats at home. You can maintain the waistcoat’s fabric quality by hanging it straight, steam ironing it, and brushing with a suit brush.

To look your best with a waistcoat, you need to put effort into finding the right size. The size of your waistcoat should complement your chest. The waistcoat should neither be tight nor loose. If you are still unable to find the right size, get yourself a customised waistcoat according to your measurements.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you have to choose the best material keeping many factors in mind. For example, wool waistcoats are best suited for winter events. Similarly, linen and cotton are preferred for summer ceremonies. In contrast, tweed waistcoats can serve the best casual look.

Plenty of shirts and tie combinations can complement your waistcoat according to the event. You can pair your waistcoat with a pin collar shirt for a fancy look. Or you can go with formal or dress shirts to create an elegant business look.

The tie should compliment both your waistcoat and shirt. If you are willing to create a decent formal look, it is better to go with a classic plain tie. For an acute fancy look, choose a delicate bow tie that compliments your attire perfectly.