Got an event coming up, and you want to wear that velvet blazer you love? We know you are unsure if you should wear a blazer for a certain event because you may be overthinking what would happen if you over or underdress.

When you have no one around to take suggestions from, we are here to help! This article will tell you where, when, and what you should wear with that velvet blazer to look smart at every event.

You don’t want to become the elephant in the room by wearing something fancy like a velvet blazer. So we would suggest that you don’t wear it at someone’s funeral - unless you want to become the main topic for gossip groups.

What we said previously may sound like a joke to you, but your clothing displays your body language and emotions about a particular event. Thus, you have to be a bit careful when choosing what to wear. However, if someone invited you to their wedding, or you got an invitation to attend a prom party, go ahead and wear it!

Now you know when you should wear a velvet blazer, but the next question that concerns most fashionista is, what should they wear with it? After hours of finding those matching shoes and ties, you still don’t feel satisfied. Sit down and relax! We are here to guide you on how to look sleek in a velvet blazer.

The ultimate styling option is a dress shirt (white, cream or black) with a bow tie - make sure you choose one that has the same colour as the blazer. Finally, gel back your hair if you want to enhance your style to look even more glamorous. You can get that done from the hair salon, or you can do it by yourself at home.

Did someone spill the juice over your brand new blazer? No problem! The stains will go away in no time. But wait! Before you start cleaning it by yourself, or you throw it into the washing machine to give it a spin please note that doing either of these washing methods will destroy your velvet blazer. You may have to spend some pennies to get it dry cleaned. Trust us; it’s worth the money!