How to Tie a Scarf for Men

Scarves are often considered an accessory associated with women. Very few know that even men can put it on and completely slay it. Scarves add the missing spice to your dress. They add elegance, class, and a dapper look. With a perfect scarf, you can convince your boss and impress your loved lady. 

In this article, we will let you know all about scarves. How, what, and when to wear it. Let's begin with popular scarf knotting styles. 

Four Of Our Favourite Scarf-Knotting Styles

Well, there are many ways that you can put your scarf on. You can choose from simple draping over to four in hand. The knotting style depends on the wearer's choice and the weather. Instead of dipping into every style, we present four of our favourite trends. 

once around tie is One of the most simple styles to improve your style game is once around

Once Around 

One of the most simple styles to improve your style game is once around. To pull this look, drape your scarf over your neck. But make sure one side is longer than the other. Now take the longer side and wrap it around your neck. It gives you a more coziness over your neck.

This look will work well in cool weather. For cold weather, however, prefer the other look. That will keep the neck warm. The length of the scarf can be medium or long. 

The ascot knot scarf provides extra warmth in the cold weather

The Ascot Knot

Ascot knot can be done as follows. Lay the scarf over your shoulders. Take both ends and tie them like a shoelace, i.e., "over and under"." You are done with the ascot knot. Simply adjust the front to give it a final look. This loop can be made either in cool or cold weather. But it provides extra warmth in the cold weather. As far as the length of the scarf is concerned, it's better to use a long scarf to make a better knot. 

parisian knot scarf is best for cold weather or snow

The Parisian Knot

To tie the scarf in a Parisian knot, fold your scarf in half widthwise. Later fold it half lengthwise. A loop will be formed between the folded ends.  Now drape the scarf over your neck. Later pass the loose ends through the loop. Adjust a little on the front to give a better and classy look. This trend is best for cold weather or snow. It provides perfect insulation for the neck from the cold. A long scarf will give a perfect Parisian knot. 

The reverse scarf drape actually requires no knotting

Reverse Scarf Drape

The reverse scarf drape actually requires no knotting. Simply place the scarf over your neck. Keep both sides equal. Take one end, bring it around your neck and place it on the opposite shoulder. Repeat the same for the other end. You are done with the reverse scarf drape. It will serve its purpose well in both cool and cold weather. You can pull this look with either a medium or a long scarf. 

Tips For Wearing A Scarf

It is essential to choose your scarf wisely. It's not like that; you open your wardrobe and grab the piece you see. Here are a few basics to consider while picking up a scarf. 

Choose The Right Length And Fabric

First of all, look at the length and fabric of your scarf. If you want extra insulation and warmth, choose a long scarf made of wool or cashmere. However, if your sole purpose is to add style and the weather is not harsh, choose a short or medium scarf made of linen or cotton.

Consider The Season And Climate

Season and climate play a vital role in deciding the fabric of your scarf. If you live somewhere with a  cold climate, prefer scarves made up of warm materials. However, people living in hot climates can use cotton or linen scarves. As far as length is concerned, use medium or long lengths for cold weather. For warm weather, you can choose any length per your style. 

Pair Your Scarf With The Right Outfit

Once you decide what type of scarf you are going to wear. Next comes deciding the right outfit. People wear scarves with mens suits, coats, jeans, and hoodies. But do they really know how to style it? Well, let us give you a few tips to rock your scarves with any attire. But first and foremost choose a scarf that matches or contrasts your outfit.

Scarf With A Suit

The best way to slay a scarf with a suit is to drape it over your neck. Avoid knotting if you wear a tie. It will be submissive to the charm of a tie. Medium or short length will go well with the suit. However, if you have a long scarf, fold it in halves and drape it over your neck. 

Scarf With Coat

If you are a fan of scarf knots, then this is your chance. Choose any coat, long, medium, or even short. Make a perfect Parisian knot, ascot knot or a four in any knot will go well with your coat. Prefer scarves of medium and long lengths to make neat knots.

Scarf With Jeans

Scarf with mens jeans gives a casual look. You can drape the scarf or knot it to add extra layers. What you may choose, make sure it matches with jeans and doesn't look odd. 

Scarf With A Hoodie

Often looked upon as weird, but yes you can wear a scarf with a hoodie too. Choose a scarf that compliments your overcoat and drape it over. You can use any of our favorite knotting techniques to add a swagger to your hoodie.

How To Choose The Right Length And Fabric For Your Scarf


Scarves generally come 6-12 inches in width and 50-82 inches in length. These are standard dimensions available across the globe. Now it's up to you what to choose. For someone who prefers knotting, it's better to use a medium or a long-length scarf. 


Scarves are available in wool, cashmere, linens, cotton and synthetic materials. In winters it is advisable and wise to use wool or cashmere scarves to protect from cold weather. In summers, cotton, linen or synthetic material will be good to ensure air passage around the neck. Additionally look for scarves that could be double or worn with a pin. This signifies that it's a man's scarf. 

January 09, 2023

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