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Are you overwhelmed and unsure how to dress up for a racecourse event? It can be a daunting affair for some and an experience to show their style for others. All year men and women wait for these races and prepare for them. However, races are the events when men are not only excited for bets and games but also to show off their style and taste in fashion. 

That is why we see men as dazzling and delegate as partners on race days. When deciding on your outfit, you have to be careful about some facts, such as if there is any dress code or how the weather is. Similarly, you need to pay attention to small details that will help you nail your style. Let’s dig deep and see how and what will make you look striking.

Dressing Tips for The Races

We know you want to look your best and stand out at the racecourse. You can style and explore some options with us that will jazz up your fashion taste. For most people, dressing up is another perk of the race day experience. You are expected to look elegant but also allowed to go overboard and create a new look.

Here you will get all the basic information you need to look dapper, classy, and sophisticated. 

Choose the Right Outfit

The first and foremost important thing is choosing an outfit. If you are a regular visitor to these events, you may already know how to pick the perfect outfit for race festivals. Yet, novice visitors should refer to the following considerations.

Suits are the basic attire for the races, yet it has to look different from everyday office look. You can wear any colour like beige, pastel, navy, white, dark or light blue and grey with patterned checks. What really matters is that you dress to impress. However, you can personalise your look according to weather, event, and location.

Consider The Weather

Just imagine how your day at the race course will be if you wear a heavy suit, and it turns out to be very hot. Or you dress up light on a cold day. It can be windy or rainy as the weather doesn’t abide by any rules. Therefore, check the weather before deciding what to wear on race day.

For the hot summer days, wear lightweight and breathable suits. Linen and seersucker suits are ideal for such sunny days. Light colours are ideal for summer. You can add a colourful tie or pocket square to illuminate the overall look.

Wearing a thicker and fluffy suit on winter or cold days is ideal. You can wear tweed suits and if it’s rather cold don’t forget to bring your overcoat and scarf. You can’t let the cold hinder you from looking your best.

Consider The Location

Location is another important consideration before picking up your attire. Which country or city is holding the event will make it easy for you to decide what to wear. The weather in that country can be hot or cold. Like Dubai is hot all year long, so dress accordingly.

Consider The Event

You can’t dress up without knowing which event you are attending and its dress code. Some events have a strict dress code, and entry will be denied if you fail to follow the proper dress code.

royal ascot dress code for men
  • Royal Ascot.

During these five-day festivals, you must follow a dress code depending on the enclosure you are attending. If you are attending the Royal enclosure, wear a morning dress in black, dark grey and blue colour with a tie, top hat and black shoes with socks.

You need a collared shirt, a smart jacket, and a tie for the Village enclosure.

Windsor enclosure has no formal dress code. Yet you should wear smart.

cheltenham dress code for men
  • Cheltenham Race

There is no specific dress code for this event, yet for some enclosures and areas, you must follow the dress code.

Grand Nationals dress code for men
  • Grand Nationals

Grand Nationals also don’t have any dress code. However, gentlemen tend to follow race day attire and dress smartly.

Accessorise Your Outfit

To look distinguished and stand out, you can always accessorise your outfit. You can wear wristwatches, glasses, and pocket watches but these are optional accessories. Hats and formal shoes are part of your attire and make you look classy.


Hats are a great way to complete your dapper look. At some events like Royal enclosure, wearing a top hat in black or grey colour is a must. However, men can also wear hats on other less formal occasions. It is a great way to protect you from the summer heat. If you don’t contrast them with your overall look and suit; you are good to go.


The confidence in your gait comes from your shoes. Therefore never compromise on the quality and style of your shoes. Your look will be complete with shiny dark shoes that complement the suit. However, now that you are allowed to skip socks, you can go for loafers. Whatever you wear, don’t compromise on comfort and class.

What is the Dress Code for The Races?

A dress code for race day depends on the occasion and event you will attend. Some events have strict dress codes to follow, and others are lenient. Most men go with suits, but even for a casual look a collared shirt, tie, and trousers are a must.

Always dress differently than your official attire. Use bold and bright colours. However, you should always dress smart according to the weather and place. Bring your personality and style into the limelight, and don’t hesitate to go overboard.

What Shoes Should I Wear to The Races?

First, always wear elegant and smart-looking shoes, despite the dress code. Your shoes should sit well with your attire. With mens suits, wear smart oxford shoes.

You can wear brogues or a pair of suede shoes with colourful attire like contrast trousers, shirts, and jackets. Avoid wearing sneakers and trainers no matter what.

Can I Wear Black to The Races?

If there is a strict dress code to wear black like at the Royal enclosure, you should go along. Otherwise, come out of your comfort zone, and experiment with bright and beautiful colours. Even if black is a classic and gives you a chic look, you should try some other colours.

When will you let your inner stylist come out if not now?

December 19, 2022

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