Learn How to Wear a 3 Piece Suit

Every traditional and contemporary time holds the power of fashion. Fashion is no longer a trait that defines the design of the time. It cherishes the modesty and calibre of men's style.

Every man dominates a specific genre of personality, and that dominance will come with the righteous selection of your attire. In today's time, a 3 piece suit sustains the potentiality and competency to help you stand out in a crowd.

Whether it was King Charles II or Harvey Specter, all men ruled the world with the three-piece suit. For that purpose, you need to know how to wear a 3 piece suit, when, and where. Without further ado, let's start the guide.

What Is A Three Piece Suit?

A three piece suit is an attire that includes a jacket, pants, and waistcoat. All parts of the enduringly popular classic three-piece suit are fashioned from the same fabric. However, emerging fashion has refined the aesthetic and allows you to pair a contrasting waistcoat with a jacket and pants. 

Advantages Of Three Piece Suits

None can deny the signified advantages of a three-piece suit. First, a three-piece suit is an outfit that never gets out of fashion. It was popular in the seventeenth century and will be the ruling attire in the 21th century.

You could narrow down its many advantages if you see the three-piece suit from the paramagnetic and quantitative perspective. The outfit is primarily suitable for wearing at weddings and other ceremonial occasions. However, you can omit the jacket for less formal or sophisticated casual occasions and simply wear the whole suit.

As long as you're striking a good contrast with your pants, the ideal tailored waistcoat will also look great with jeans and a formal white shirt. A pinch may transform a three-piece suit into more than three different looks.

Last but not least, the ideal fitted three piece suit is the only attire that perfectly contours your body. By putting your look together, that attire elevates your personality. It is the final component that holds your persona.

Double-Breasted Vs. Single-Breasted Three Piece Suits

In simple words, a double-breasted three-piece suit is dressier and best reserved for high-end professional events or formal business arrangements. On the contrary, single-breasted three-piece suits look great in a variety of contexts and are appropriate for all kinds of events. For instance, you can use it for business casual, smart casual, and semi-formal events.

Double-Breasted Three-Piece Suit

A double breasted suit is altered with sharp cuts and the right edges in a three-piece suit. For instance, it has a narrow waist fit that accentuates the body's curve. Similarly, it has four or six buttons and forms Y-shaped by fastening down the first button.

Moreover, double-breasted jackets have more layers of cloth in the lapel to intensify your dressing. According to the current vogue, double-breasted jackets enhance your figure by making you taller and broader. 

single breasted 3 piece suit

Single-Breasted Three-Piece Suit

Single-breasted jackets are more popular among contemporary youth in a three-piece suit. Single-breasted jackets have a straight line from the slim fit of the waist (unlike double-breasted). It has only one to three buttons to ensemble the aesthetic allure of the dressing.

Contrary to double-breasted suits, single-breasted jackets do well with jeans, casual trousers, and chinos. You can omit the waistcoat for semi-casual occasions to make up your own look.

When To Wear A Three Piece Suit

The 3 piece suit is a fusion of pre-modern and modern era styles and thus can be worn in multiple settings. Firstly, it is recognized as a wedding suit for the groom, the best man, and even the guest attending the bid day can consider this outfit.

You can wear a three-piece suit during the daytime at formal outdoor gatherings, such as for morning meetings with highly professional clients. Similarly, choose to wear it if you are having meetings for legal and financial perspectives.

In the evening-time, if you're attending an opera, theatre, and formal dinner, then a three-piece suit is the right choice.

Three-Piece Suits Colour Combinations

Three-piece suit comes at the top of the formal hierarchy in men's attire and always wins the combat with grey, black, brown, blue, tan, and charcoal. You can list the perfect colour combination for your three-piece suit in many ways.

White oxford shirt will go well with light, dark, and two-tone grey 3 piece suits

Grey Three-Piece Suit

White oxford shirt will go well with light, dark, and two-tone grey complete suits. You may add a dark-coloured tie, particularly one in scarlet or black, for a more regal appearance. White hankies or handkerchiefs go well with dark two-tone grey.

Despite the allure of the classic grey three-piece suit, you can also choose to mix and match your outfit. A black waistcoat and white handkerchief magnify the two-toned dark grey jacket and pants. A midnight-blue waistcoat can be coupled with a simple mid-light grey jacket and trousers. You can pair black patent and leather oxford shoes with any hue of grey.

The most eye-catching colour for a three-piece formal full suit is black

Black Three-Piece Suit

The most eye-catching colour for a three-piece formal full suit is black. Your appearance will be reinforced by adopting a simple, all-black, three-piece suit with a formal white shirt and a black tie. That represents the absolute pinnacle of trendy apparel.

Although the current fashion also includes the black three-piece suit with copper and chalk stripes. The full, mix-and-match black suit will pair perfectly with the black oxford and leather Brogue shoes.

The white, pale blue formal shirt looks good with the many tints of blue 3 piece suits

Blue Three-Piece Suit

The white, pale blue formal shirt looks good with the many tints of blue suits. Your attire will be out-righted by a plain dark blue shirt, a checked blue tie, and a white handkerchief. When it comes to shoes with a blue three piece suit, go with brown leather brogue oxford shoes.

Despite this look, you can convert a high-formal blue three piece suit into a less formal suit by wearing a mix-and-match waistcoat. Additionally, you can pair this outfit with blue suede formal trainers and white leather derby trainers.

Waistcoats, pants, and jackets, all these things should be tailored perfectly to highlight your features

How Should A 3 Piece Suit Fit?

It seems easy to fit in a three-piece suit, but it is not. It requires the perfect measurements and needs some guidance to carry it accurately. Waistcoats, pants, and jackets, all these things should be tailored perfectly to highlight your features.

Waistcoat: Three-Piece Suit Fit

Waistcoat length should be long enough to cover the waistband of your pants - at most, 3-4 cm of your belt. Moreover, the back and sides of your waistcoat should be shorter than the front of your waistcoat.

Additionally, the shoulder cut of your waistcoat should not contradict the sharp edges of the collar of your shirt. It must create a V-shaped (near your collar and tie) with closed buttons and a suit jacket. More importantly, ensure that your formal shirt is tucked nicely in your pants, so it doesn’t create breaks in your waistcoat.

Suit Jacket: Three-Piece Suit Fit

When it comes to the suit jacket, you need to fit three things; the length of the jacket, the width of the shoulders, and the placement of the buttons.

Firstly, the length of the jacket should be long enough to reach down to your hand where the thumb and palm meet (Scientifically, in the middle of the metacarpus bones of the hand).

Second, measure the distance between your shoulders where the shoulder finishes should be where the jacket shoulder stops. Because the small shoulder fitting will cause breaks in the jacket and destroy the glamour of the three-piece suit. Similarly, an oversized shoulder tailor jacket will also pull out the appeal of the attire.  

Lastly, place the first button above your navel if you have two buttons. While with three buttons; the middle one should be over the navel. Moreover, never fasten up the last link of your jacket.

Additionally, if you want to add a more exquisite appearance, tailor your jacket sleeves only 1-2 cm shorter than your formal shirt, so the shirt’s cuff is tucked out of the jacket. However, ensure that your jacket sleeves do not look smaller on your arm.

Pants: Three-Piece Suit Fit

Pants rules are the easiest ones. Wear the pants above your natural waist for a mature appearance. Though you can opt for a lower waistline, it completely leans on your exclusive liking. Pants in the three-piece suit mostly opt with no break at all.

Can You Wear A 3 Piece Suit As A 2 Piece?

Indeed, you can wear a three-piece suit as a two-piece suit. That’s why this outfit has more privilege as compared to others. Firstly, you can wear a three-piece suit as a two-piece by omitting the waistcoat. You can wear a suit jacket with suit pants with a formal and semi-casual shirt and attend any event. However, you can also opt for a waistcoat with suit pants for semi-formal occasions.

Which Fabric Is Best For A Three Piece Suit?

It is unbelievable that a three-piece suit looks stunning in almost all types of fabric if it is tailored correctly. Despite this, wool, non-wool, cotton, silk, velvet, cashmere, and silk are the best fabrics for a three-piece suit.

How To Wear A Waistcoat With Your Three Piece Suit?

There are only a few guidelines to follow when wearing a waistcoat with a three-piece suit. First and foremost, the waistcoat's length should extend past your pants' waistband.

Secondly, the waistcoat should be tailored in a slim fit with a button-up. Never tailor your waistcoat so narrow that it seems tight when fastening the buttons.

Thirdly, close all your buttons, leaving the final one open for a better fit. However, if you have only three buttons in your waistcoat, then only button the middle one. Last but not least, fashion it in a structure that forms a V-shape when you button it up. That will help to highlight the collar of your shirt and boost the contrasting tie with your features.

Do You Wear A Belt With A 3 Piece Suit?

The belt doesn’t go well with the three-piece suit. Some believe it is an unnecessary accessory in a three-piece suit, while others recommend suspenders if you wear a three-piece as a two-piece.

A Two Or Three Piece Suit? Which Is Better?

A two or three Piece Suit both are valuable from all perspectives. Whether you’re making an appearance at a wedding, formal dinner, or forex trading kind of business meeting, both attire will be suitable.

March 17, 2023

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