you will know what a dinner jacket is and what’s not

A dinner jacket is among the El-Classico editions to men’s attire. They provide  elegance, sleekness, style, class, and modern appearance. If you are also looking to put on a dinner jacket for the upcoming occasion and want to know everything about how to wear it, this is the right place.

Here, you will know what a dinner jacket is and what’s not. You will also learn some examples that may suit your style and handy tricks to upscale your appearance. You are probably also worried about what you should wear in the accessories. We’ve got you covered. So, without waiting, Let’s Go!

Dinner jackets, commonly referred to as tuxedo jackets, are elegant attire that should wear at formal occasions

What is a Dinner Jacket?

Dinner jackets, commonly referred to as tuxedo jackets, are elegant attire that should wear at formal occasions. It can be in various colours, either plain or in combination. Additionally, many fabrics, from wool to velvet, are available. It is crucial to consider the dinner jacket's material, particularly concerning the weather.

For example, a wool jacket may be more appropriate to keep you warm if you're going to a formal function in the wintertime. However, if you're going to a wedding held outside in the summer, you should choose something lighter like linen.

What isn’t a Dinner Jacket?

Mess and smoking jackets have not come under the category of dinner jackets. People often confuse them with the classic attire in question. However, below we’ve pointed out how these two are different from the dinner variant:

Roots of the mess jacket belong to a long tailcoat. However, it does not contain a tail and button

Mess Jacket

Roots of the mess jacket belong to a long tailcoat. However, it does not contain a tail and button. It has a pointed middle end at the back. Its silhouette is double-breasted.

Mostly these coats are not used commonly nowadays. They are only used as part of a circus outfit or occasionally on cruise ships. But there, the workers or the entertaining team (not the guests) generally wear them.

The smoking jacket's purpose was to prevent smoke from entering your daily evening attire

Smoking Jacket

The smoking jacket's purpose was to prevent smoke from entering your daily evening attire. Nowadays, home coats sometimes incorporate smoking jackets. This apparel is perfectly designed for men who would put it over their formal or evening jackets after dinner and head to the smoking room to smoke.

Difference Between a Dinner Jacket and a Suit Jacket

As time changes, dress codes become more lavish than before. Now, it's very complicated to choose men's dress code. Dinner jackets have significant compression compared with suit jackets. Let's know the difference between both of these:

  • There is just one type of button used to close dinner jackets. Suit jackets often have three buttons.
  • Dinner jackets lack the standard pocket flap/patch pockets attached to a blazer or suit jacket to preserve a sleek appearance.
  • A tuxedo is only appropriate for use after six o'clock in the evening. A suit jacket is suitable for both daytime and certain nighttime occasions.
  • Tuxedos are more lavish than suit jackets. That’s why you can wear suit jackets in day time at your business meetings and graduation ceremonies.
  • You can wear tuxedos with pleated shirts, bow ties, and either with the waistcoat or cummerbund, whereas suits jackets are more suited to regular neckties and shirts.

When to Wear Dinner Jackets?

You can wear dinner jackets only in the evenings when you are invited to a wedding party or formal dinner with your loved ones. Lavish ones would be the best choice. Although it is particularly suitable for black-tie events, it may be worn on other occasions due to its versatility.

Men’s Dinner Jacket Examples

Nowadays, varieties of them are available in markets. You can select whatever matches your choice, style, and event.

1. Midnight Blue Dinner Jacket

This dark blue dinner jacket will enhance the depth and richness of your look. It gives you a top-notch royal look as well. It has a shawl lapel for added sophistication and is a superb appearance when coupled with dark blue dress pants.

2. Ivory Dinner Jacket

If you want a classy and attractive look, then off-white ivory jackets would be your priority. It is different in the shade than a plain white jacket and gives you an adorable look.

3. Deep Green Velvet Dinner Jacket

Do you want to look unique piece at the party? A deep green velvet dinner jacket helps you out here. The deep green shade will make you stand out at a party because it’s not constrained to typical colors. It's ideal for differentiating oneself from other people's more conventional color choices.

4. Velvet Dinner Jacket

Velvet jackets have a striking look because of their distinctive texture. These are meant to be worn in the evening. It might be advantageous to pick one with a luxurious and decadent appearance, such as a velvet pattern.

5. Cream Dinner Jacket

A cream jacket's subdued color will let black elements, like your bow tie, shoes, and pants, stand out. A cream tuxedo could be a fantastic pick for a stylish and elegant appearance.

6. White Dinner Jacket

A white color conveys elegance and confidence due to its light but neutral hue. Collaborate with a black cummerbund, tuxedo trousers, and a black bow tie for a classy look.

7. Blue Dinner Jacket

A blue one is an excellent option to stand with an elegant look. You can pair it up with blue tuxedos trousers for a more superior appearance.

8. Patterned Dinner Jacket

Use jacquard or brocade patterns in classic hues if you want a modest appearance. A patterned design can be worn to update the classic look.

9. Black Dinner Jacket

You will go in a black dinner jacket for formal evening events. It is among the most versatile choices and can be incorporated on any occasion.

How to Wear a Dinner Jacket?

You should pair your tuxedo jacket with a formal white shirt, black bow tie, and black oxford shoes. In addition, a matching waistcoat or cummerbund stands you out from all.

What to Wear with a Dinner Jacket?

It's vital to choose the right accessories and shoes with your dinner jacket to present a classy appearance.

1. Trouser

Your trousers should be high-waist to sit confidently with your waistcoat. Your coat fabric should match the material of your trousers for a classy appearance.

2. Bow Tie

It's essential to wear a black bow tie when you are going to a black-tie event. However, you can play with the fabric or color of your bow tie.

3. Formal Shirt

A white shirt would be an excellent option for any of your dinner jackets. You might select a dress shirt with a plain front for a more modern look. Don't forget to consider the sort of placket, buttons, and whether or not studs are necessary.

4. Shoes

Black oxford or patent shoes are suitable for a dinner jacket. For very formal situations, you might attempt a slick style, which will give your appearance a glamorous sparkle.

5. Waistcoat/Cummerbund

You can also choose to wear a waistcoat while wearing a dinner jacket, but its material should match for a classy look.

How Many Buttons are on a Dinner Jacket?

Usually, there are two buttons, and you simply keep the upper one fastened. When you sit down, feel free to undo your buttons.

Should a Dinner Jacket be Buttoned?

The dinner jacket should be buttoned for a classy, elegant look. However, you can unbutton the bottom button for comfortable sitting.

Do You Wear a Pocket Square with a Dinner Jacket?

Pocket squares are intended to be tucked into the outer jacket pocket of a blazer, suit, or tuxedo. They serve just as an ornament, not as a handkerchief with practical use. You can wear a pocket square with dinner jackets formally.

Can You Wear a Dinner Jacket with Jeans?

Undoubtedly, you can pair jeans with a white tuxedo. Dark blue or black jeans are ideal. Wear your jeans with a t-shirt in either black or navy, and as a fashion item, put on your white dinner jacket. White shoes and a white pocket square can be used to complete the appearance. This outfit is ideal for special occasions or a night at a theatre.

Do You Wear a Cummerbund with a White Dinner Jacket?

Typically, a cummerbund is worn with a tuxedo. Cummerbunds, with their appearance of formality, tend to make standard suits appear overdone. So, they go perfectly with a tuxedo but are never appropriate for use with a traditional mens suits. The white dinner coat is dressed like a traditional tuxedo, incorporating all of the typical elements: a black bow tie, a black cummerbund, black pants, and oxford shoes.

How to Wear White Dinner Jacket After the Wedding?

White dinner jackets are among the classic ones. You'll probably purchase one for a special occasion, such as a wedding or some inebriated business awards. It will likely be black with satin lapels and worn with matching pants, a black bow tie, and a white dress shirt.


A dinner jacket is among an occasion's royalties and puts the men into a different class of elegance and stunning luxury. Now that you’ve learned how to wear a dinner jacket and compelling accessories, it’s time to light up the stage. 

September 24, 2022

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