Learn How to Wear a Pinstripe Suit

Are you planning to wear a pinstripe suit for your next event, but are you perplexed about how to pull it off? Well, if that's your case, don't worry! We've got you covered! This article contains a full guide on how you can make an exquisite OOTD from one of the commonly found suits in the men's closet. 

Exciting enough! Let's start with having a look at what a pinstripe suit is. 

What is a Pinstripe Suit?

So, let's begin with what even is a pinstripe suit? Well, it is one of the fancier outfits for men. They were introduced decades ago and got hyped up in the 1940s. However, the whole combination looks professional and ultimately lends anyone the imagination that the person is either banker, wall fancier or someone more sophisticated. Yet, the pinstripe suit is simple, classic and easy to wear by anyone if they know the right way to carry it around. 

The suit's vertical stripes offer some unique characteristics to the suit. You always need to focus on the perfect fit of your size. Otherwise, the baggy and ill-fitted suit can ruin the whole look. On the other hand, these suits give many people the illusion of being tall. Therefore, we advise you not to wear pinstripe suits if you're taller than usual.  

Additionally, to avoid the comedic look of your efforts, always try to get light and subtle shades for your pinstripe suit. 

When to Wear a Pinstripe Suit? 

As we mentioned, any suit can rock if you carry it at the right event. Therefore, if you're planning to wear the pinstripe suit to your next occasion, give this paragraph a read! 

The pinstripe suit is usually associated with being classic and formal. So, you can wear them for your next business meeting. Although the type of dress mostly represents sophisticated style, you can also style it as a semi-formal classic office look on any day. 

Additionally, if you pair the pinstripe suit with some accessories for any informal events then there's no way you can't rock the night. 

Pinstripe Suit Colours

Colours always play an essential role when choosing any suit, whether a pinstripe or solid. Choosing the colour while keeping the type of event in mind is important. 

However, various colour pallets over the internet can help you pick the best one. You can also keep an eye on the latest trends and colours as some colours can go with all occasions while others might look odd. To help you understand more, we've mentioned some of the colours and the occasions you can play around. 

navy pinstripe suit

Navy Pinstripe Suit

If you're looking for something that effortlessly portrays a neat look at professional gatherings, then a navy pinstripe suit should be your must-have. Other than formal wear, the navy pinstripe suit can also be worn to wedding parties. You can pair it easily with neutral or cool-tone dress shirts. However, if you want something head-turning and unique, try a burnt orange or yellow tie or pocket square.  

black pinstripe suit

Black Pinstripe Suit

While black is the ultimate formal colour in pinstripe suits, we recommend you to get your hand around it only for some formal business meetings. Yet, if you want to give this a casual look, avoid pairing it with a white dress shirt. Instead, go for some pastel shades that compliment the black color of your pinstripe suit. Moreover, to give it a more exquisite look, don't forget to pair some brown leather shoes! 

blue pinstripe suit

Blue Pinstripe Suit

If any of you asked us for a pinstripe suit suggestion that could rock every season with endless styling possibilities, it would be the blue pinstripe suit. The colour itself is so cherishing while giving you limitless styling tricks. To get a formal look, pair it with some neutrals! While to get a little casual and fun look go out for any coloured dress shirt and viola! You're done effortlessly!   

"grey pinstripe suit"

Grey Pinstripe Suit

Gray is a versatile colour with a lovely range of shades. The light grey or cool tone shades grey gives you an elegant look. At the same time, you can rock any formal gathering or event with charcoal grey or a little darker shade. 

White/Beige Pinstripe Suit

Trust us if you want to hit some classic attire for the day; pulling off white/beige could make your day. The colours are light. Therefore, you should ensure that your pinstripes aren't too bold for it. On the other hand, keep your accessories minimal to get the perfect breathtaking look. 

Different Pinstripe Suit Styles

Well, if you think pinstripes can be boring for every gathering, you can give a second thought to it here. There are endless possibilities to style your pinstripe suits. The only key is the styling mind and eye of a designer. There are various colours and style that can be added to your list if you want to experiment with your pinstripe suit.

Here are some top ways to style your pinstripe suits for different occasions. 

Double-Breasted Pinstripe Suit

Double-Breasted Pinstripe Suit

The first way to style your pinstripe suit is the double breasted suit. The style can be pulled off by a double-breasted jacket while keeping your tie and shirt hidden. Double-breasted style with pinstripe suits always gives a retro look, and a great jacket fitting adds an extra spark to your outfit. 

three piece pinstripe suit

Three Piece Pinstripe Suit

3 piece suits always look a little stuffy if worn for the wrong occasion. But if you're wearing it to the right event, adding a three-piece suit can light up your personality. Yet a three-piece pinstripe suit can be a little harder to carry, so make sure not to add contrasting details to avoid a monochromatic look. 

What to Wear with a Pinstripe Suit

Pinstripe suits already have texture and much within; therefore, you must figure out what you can and cannot pair along to get perfect OOTD. The choice of adding distractions can ultimately uplift or destroy your look. So here are some smart suggestions to help you play around with your style. 

Solid Dress Shirt

Well, as we mentioned, pinstripe suits already have so much to get someone bored easily, so it is essential to add some distraction while choosing the solid shade of a dress shirt. You can simply add a white dress shirt underneath your pinstripe suit but if you really looking to play with colours; light blue dress shirt will also work. Light blue shirt just not only go with basic colored stripe suit, but also compliments them and enhance the look. 

This trick will help you elevate your look instantly while giving depth to your style. Moreover, by using this styling hack, you'll see the visual difference between your dress shirt and suit. 

Colourful Tie and Pocket Square

No one minds a pop of color when styling a colourful tie or pocket square with your pinstripe suit. Try adding a tie colour that distracts eyes from pinstripes but doesn't go off the style. Added patterns play a safe part, so you can play around with dotted ties to get the overwhelming look.

formal dress shoes match well with pinstripe suits

Dress Shoes for Formal Occasions

The style of shoes always makes a visual difference in your attire. Pairing formal shoes would make the whole outfit look formal. While some comfy and casual pairs of shoes make your outfit look more relaxed and informal. So, choose them wisely! 

How to Style a Pinstripe Suit?

When styling a pinstripe suit, many people think it's not their cup of tea. So, if you're one of them, try these looks to style your pinstripe suit and rock any event you want. 

The Classic Look

You can simply style your pinstripe suit classically. A classic look helps you get a perfect professional look. Moreover, pairing it with minimal accessories would give you a more defined look. 

The Modern Look

On the other hand, pinstripe suits can be worn modernly. Keep an eye on trends; for instance, wearing pinstripe jackets with casual pants and sneakers could add a modern touch to your outfit. 

The Casual Look

Last but not least, pinstripe suits can be styled casually. Get some pastel and a complementary coloured dress shirt under the suit coloured tie, and you're good to go. Ah! Also, don't forget to get some casual shoes for a more relaxed and laid-back look. 

Can I wear a pinstripe suit to a wedding?

The answer to this question is simply Yes! You can wear a pinstripe suit to a wedding. We've mentioned a guide above that can help you pull off your style better according to a wedding party. So give it a read for better understanding. 

Can I wear a pinstripe suit without a tie?

Yes! You can wear a pinstripe suit without a tie. It is normally done when looking for some casual or informal outfit. And you know what! Pinstripe suits always give you freedom of style. So, it's up to you what you want to pair it up to spice up your look. 

Can I wear a striped shirt with a pinstripe suit?

Well, it depends on if you want to pull up that style. However, it's never a no to pair a striped shirt with a pinstripe suit. Yet,  you can follow the fashion guide as they say both the stripes should be different sizes when paired together. 


Pinstripe suits are always trendy and give you freedom of style; therefore, these are the ones that are mostly seen in men's closets. However, the suit has its charm and ethics of styling that eventually uplifts the attire; if done right. 

So, we've concluded all the points in detail to help you with the most confusing styling guide. Hope you enjoyed it. Do let us know your hacks related to pinstripe suits. 


November 29, 2022

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