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Peaky Blinders have had a great impact on British men's style. Heritage tweed suits in herringbone, check and pinstripe, woollen overcoats and penny collar shirts. Dress like a true Peaky Blinder. Get inspired by our Peaky Blinders garments and get your own look. Look like a Peaky Blinder at a wedding or the next party.

Peaky Blinders Suits
Slightly patterned suits such as stripes and herringbones are essentials in especially grey and navy. Opt for a waistcoat too. Browse our peaky blinders suits now.
To be noticed as a peaky blinder, make sure you select a penny collar or grandad collar shirt. Stripes are the best as well as herringbone shirts. Browse our peaky blinders shirts now.
Never miss a hat! Pick the right six-piece section cap. If you find baker boy caps a little bulky then a flat cap will do the work.

October 17, 2019 — Jack Martin

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