A professional dress code for an interview will cast a good impression

Have you got an important interview coming up? Then you must be thinking about what to wear for an interview. If that is the case, then cheer up because we are going to sort out your wardrobe for your next interview! Today's article will guide you all about formal dress codes, considerations for different conditions, and more while attending an interview. 

Imagine walking up to an interview looking anything less than professional. Of course, the management would not see you as a suitable fit. A professional dress code for an interview will cast a good impression on the management and boost up your confidence to tackle every question that comes toward you.

Checking the Business Dress Code

Whenever we go somewhere, let's say, to attend a party or a seminar, we check their dress code. This dress code might be written on the invitation card, or you can simply search for it online.

In the same manner, when you are appointed for an interview you have to follow a mandatory formal dress code. And when we say a formal dress code, we instantly think about wearing suits for men. Not only men but women should also wear a nice decent suit.

In most cases, formal pants and a blouse would do the work. However, it is always good to wear a formal coat and blouse to compliment a formal look. Other times business interviews would ask you to follow a casual dress code.

This means that you can wear anything that is not too fancy or too basic. Not the jeans and trainers kind of casual dressing but decent yet stylish trousers paired with a shirt.


For job interviews it is better to wear a 2 piece suit

What to Wear To Professional / Business Interview?

Businesses dealing with finance, such as banks or law firms, including HR, fall into the category of professional businesses. Such businesses often require a proper formal dress code.

Formal attire will make you feel confident in yourself while attending an interview. And as they say, the first impression is the last. With proper attire, the management team will also see you as a responsible and professional candidate for the job.

For men, it is better to wear a 2 piece suit in dark colours with a dark base or small pinstripes. Go for a formal shirt that is light in colour; avoid wearing bright colours. Pair up this look with a conservative tie and dark shoes. Also, avoid using strong colognes and cover tattoos, if any.

For women, they can go for a pantsuit or skirt-suit combination. Make sure the skirt or pant colour is dark. If you are deciding to wear a skirt, ensure it is knee-length. Have a tailored fit jacket rather than a loose one for a tidy look. Stick to the dark suit colours and light colours for the dress shirt.

Opt for closed-toe shoes and stick with the 2-6 cm heel. Style the outfit with minimum makeup and carry a small laptop bag. Tie your hair neatly in a bun and avoid wearing strong perfumes.  

Men going for a casual interview must opt for chinos or trousers dark in color.

What to Wear To Non-Professional / Business Casual Interview?

Suppose your interview letter has written business casual as a dress code. In that case, you might have to follow slightly different attire. These interviews can be for IT firms or startup businesses. The dress code for such workplaces is relaxed, and they simply want you to not go through the hassle of picking up overly formal attire.

Here you have to make your impression last on the management and follow a casual dress code. Men going for a casual interview must opt for chinos or trousers dark in colour. Pair them with a button-up shirt with a collar and leather shoes.

Women can go for a pair of slacks or a knee-length skirt. A button-up shirt would be nice as well with a smart jacket. Style the look with some casual accessories along with heels.

Casual interviews can be mostly for businesses that involve startup businesses or where creativity is the main focus

What to Wear To Casual Interview?

Casual interviews can be mostly for businesses that involve startup businesses or where creativity is the main focus. Such businesses include; boutiques, cafés, and other small firms.

The dress code for a casual interview must be casual but remember you are still going for an interview. You must have an appropriate outfit for that. You can try to reflect your level of creativity through your dress-up, but it is wise to not overdo it.

Men can wear button-down shirts and V-neck sweaters with dark colour trousers or chinos. The look can be further polished by pairing it up with casual loafers. Don’t forget to have your hair neatly styled.

For women, it is better to go for a knee-length or midi skirt. They can also go for trousers or dark wash skinny jeans. Go for a decent top with checks or plain light colours. Here you can complete the look with a pair of boots or flat shoes.

Smart polo shirts would look good too, topping it off with bolder accessories to highlight your personality. In the end, avoid using too much perfume and style your hair neat.

What to Wear To Internship Interview?

Internship interview attire can vary depending on the company or organisation you are interviewing with. In general, however, you should dress professionally and in a way that makes you stand out. 

If you're interviewing with a company with an internship program, dress to impress. They’ll want to know that you’re dedicated and serious about this opportunity. In addition, you should dress in a way that demonstrates that you’re well-groomed. 

If you are applying for an internship in a well-established business forum, you must follow a formal dress code. However, if you are going for an interview at a startup company, you have to stick to the business casual dress code.

Men can go for a suit dark in color with a light color shirt and formal shoes. Women here can wear a pantsuit or skirt-suit with dark colours and usually a light color shirt or blouse.

What to Wear To Warm Weather Interview?

If you're interviewing for a job and look nice, employers are more likely to hire you because you appear to be more organised. If you are going to attend an interview in warm weather, you need to consider the attire. You don't want to look improper; go for breathable fabrics light in weight.

Women can pair up a lightweight blouse or shirt with a tailored pantsuit. If you wear a skirt, make sure the fabric you choose is breathable. Also, remember to have your skirt up to your knee-length. For a business interview, try to go for close-toe shoes, and for casual interviews, you can wedges or flats.

Men can also opt for a suit in a formal interview with a formal button-up shirt. It is better to pair up a polo shirt with chinos or khakis for casual interviews.

What Not To Wear To An Interview?

Men must follow a formal dress code no matter what type of situation. A formal suit-pant will give them a sleek and professional look. Also, try to avoid light coloured suits as they can appear informal. Sticking with dark colours such as black, navy and grey as well as earth tones would look much better.

How to Choose Interview Accessories?

Apart from your dress, your accessories can also hint at your personality to the interviewers. Choosing bold accessories might not be suitable for business interviews.

Men and women both must refrain from wearing up chunky accessories like bracelets or rings. Try to be subtle with the selection of accessories. If you have any visible body piercing, remove it before the interview.           

What to Bring To the Interview?

Some things to bring to the interview include your resume, a cover letter, and copies of your academic transcripts. Make sure you have these in hand if the interviewer needs them.

Don't have these documents in your hands or files instead you can bring a laptop or messenger bag to keep these documents safe in one place. This way, you will look more organised. You must also have all the details about the job post readily, and don't forget to pack a notepad and pen.

Apart from the things mentioned above, you need to take two other important things to an interview. These things are a sincere smile and an optimistic attitude. If you can keep a slight smile throughout it, this will show how passionate you are about the job.

What Not To Bring To the Interview?  

Till now, we have already listed what to wear to your interview. So, now is the time we discuss what to not bring to the interview. Here is a list of some things you must avoid taking to the interview at any cost.

  • Bringing luggage.
  • Wearing too much cologne
  • Having coffee or lunch
  • Mobile phone on ringer
  • Friends or family

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article has enough information about how to attend, what to wear, and what not to an interview. Everything aside, always try to maintain your dress code and conduct appropriately no matter what kind of interview you are going for.

Best of luck! 

July 06, 2022

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