how to dress like thomas shelby from peaky blinders
Do you want to dress like your favourite Peaky Blinders character, Tommy Shelby ? Well, we can help you with it. As a die-hard fan of Peaky Blinders, we know how fascinating that character was and how much one can admire to be him. Of course, by copying his style. If you want to dress like him, then you are at the right place. Here I'll show you how exactly you can do it and what things you might need. So, let's get started!

How to Style like Tommy Shelby?

Since you adore Tommy Shelby and his dressing sense, I know you might be facing a hard time adopting what he wears and how he styles himself. There is no denying that the comeback of elementary trends is observed by the glimpse of fashion that Tommy Shelby followed. But this old-school, traditional style makes him distinct and stand out because it gives him a very subtle yet modest look, even in the modern era.
To get a classic touch of the 1930s from the Peaky Blinders, known as one of the greatest fashion eras for men; a few major tips can be: work on the haircut, the shirt type, additional accessories like a gaudy tie, the type of coat he wears, and the overall suit that makes him look cool. Besides that, another unique thing that makes him stand out is his hat. Major ways through which you can adopt Tommy Shelby’s dressing style are discussed in detail below.

How to get the Tommy Shelby haircut?

You know how important it is to ensure that your hairstyle looks good because the way you style your hair defines your personality and overall look. If you notice it closely, one of the prominent features of Tommy Shelby is his cropped haircut, having textured short touch from the back and both of the sides and long flicks at the top. To do so, you have to properly crop from the sides and the back, and also make sure you instruct your barber to leave comparatively longer-length hair flicks at the top.


tommy shelby wearing club collar shirt in Peaky Blinders

What type of shirt does Thomas Shelby wear?

Bringing back the fashion feast from the 1920s, Peaky Blinders has managed to revive the trend of club collar shirts, now known as Peaky Blinders shirts, by giving men a classic yet stylish look. To dress like Tommy Shelby, it's important to wear a light-coloured club collar shirt, mainly greyish-white.
The old fashion trends that the Peaky Blinders portray shows that these types of shirts make the man look dignified and vintage. The shirt style makes him look really good. Moreover, Tommy Shelby doesn't wear a specific colour shirt, so it's imperative to wear a light colour shirt with a dark-toned waistcoat or long coat.

What type of waistcoat does Thomas Shelby wear?

I know you want the perfect Tommy Shelby look but are confused about choosing the right waistcoat he wears. However, you are not bound to wear a specific coat type, yet you need to wear something that compliments your club collar shirt.
To be more specific with the features of Shelby's waistcoat, it has six buttons crossing each end near the chest, and the coat should have four pockets. Just make sure to avoid the low-end opening style of the waistcoat. Also, make sure it fits your body and perfectly defines your body shape.


thomas,arthur and john shelby are wearing peaky blinders suits

What type of suit does Thomas Shelby wear?

Well, Tommy Shelby, one of the phenomenal style icons, wears a 3 piece suit all the time. By the term three-piece, I do not mean formal shirt and pants with a coat; instead, he wears a club collar shirt and fitted pants with a waistcoat most of the time. There are no specifications on the suit, but it is better to wear dark tweed suits to elevate your style, like Tommy Shelby. Now you have some tips to wear proper Peaky Blinders suits

How to copy Tommy Shelby's coat style?

Whenever, Tommy Shelby is seen wearing an overcoat, he wears a heavy woollen full-length coat with tight pants and a woollen hat. So, copying his coat style is a very important part of our today's style guide. If you want to adapt his style completely, you need to customise the coat. By customisation, I mean to get a black velvet collar with heavy woollen textured and peaked lapels. It's better to go with a black coat colour along with other specifications mentioned, but not necessary.

What kind of glasses does Tommy Shelby wear?

No doubt, his simple and classic glasses make him look stern yet gentleman at the same time. Do you know who designed his glasses for the Peaky Blinders series? His glasses for almost all series are designed by IOLLA, a well-known eyeglasses company in Glasgow. The glasses are specifically designed for the character played by Cillian Murphy, and without them, his style is incomplete. It would be best to grab these customised glasses from the same company. You can go with any glasses that resemble Tommy Shelby glasses.


Tommy Shelby has four tattoos

What are the stories behind Tommy Shelby's tattoos?

The tattoos are entirely based on your choice because most tattoos are not usually seen on screen. There are four tattoos of Tommy Shelby; one of them is on the left side of the chest, which is a sunray design. This original tattoo has a Jesus in the middle surrounded by sun rays. But since Tommy Shelby is not an orthodox Christian, he only has sun rays as a tattoo. Another tattoo on the bicep of his right arm has a story that links him with the services he gave to the military during the first world war. The left bicep of his arm has a tattoo of a rose surrounded by horseshoe laces. This tattoo was seen in the first two seasons while marking his betting licence. Tommy Shelby seems close to his family as he has a tattoo on his right arm that says TGC. T stands for Tommy, G stands for Grace (his wife), and C stands for Charlie (his son). We have seen this tattoo on a screen between seasons two and three of the Peaky Blinders.

What kind of cap/hat does Tommy Shelby wear?

Tommy Shelby wears a vintage-looking hat that gives him a touch of the late 1920s era. I am not saying that you need to buy an 8-panel flat cap, which is Irish Donegal Tweed. As its alternative, you can go with a cap or a hat that perfectly matches to Tommy Shelby's one. While you need to ensure that whatever cap or hat you wear should be down from one side. The cap must be inclined towards one side and should be dark, like bluish-grey or greenish-grey. Because these colours caps are mostly seen during Peaky Blinders series.


Thomas Shelby prefers a navy tweed suit as his wedding suit

What type of wedding suit does Tommy Shelby wear?

If you have followed the Peaky Blinders, you must have noticed that Tommy Shelby dressed differently on his wedding day. The outfit was nice for his big day as he chose to wear a three-piece navy blue suit. You can also go with this style too by getting a navy blue three-piece suit. Not only this, but he also wore a contrasting tie with matching shoes, and a hanging brooch tucked into his waistcoat near his lower chest. This is all you need to dress wedding suits like his wedding day style. While it is unnecessary to choose the exact colour contrast between the suit, hat, and shoes, it would be much better if you can.


Summing up
So, this was all you need to know to dress like your favourite Peaky Blinders character, Tommy Shelby. In this article, we have discussed the exact ways and steps you can follow to style similar to him or be the next Tommy Shelby.
The best thing is all of these things are achievable, as you are not bound to follow the exact brands or styles. You can even go with non-branded products to follow his style but make sure they match the style. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to go with vintage-looking accessories.
Tommy Shelby is truly a fashion idol for many because he looks outstanding with his dressing style and accessories. The glasses, the tattoos, the fitted pants, the additional chain, matching shoes, the style of collar, and the haircut too makes his personality charming and attractive.
To be like Tommy Shelby, you don't need just to wear a fancy suit and accessories but have to cut or dress your hair like him too. As his hairstyle is popular nowadays, so you can get it done easily within your area. Follow the guidelines given in the article and enjoy yourself being Tommy Shelby.
If you have any questions related to his style, put them in the comments below. I'd be happy to answer!
November 09, 2021

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